We hope to cover all our questions or concerns.

What is a cat café?

A cat café is a unique space where you can have your favorite cup of coffee or tea in a relaxing environment and pet cats at the same time! However, they are not any cats. They are a family of cats that are registered, microchipped, vaccinated, and guess what? CUTE! Cat cafés are for those who love cats, but do not have one, cannot have one, or have one or many but can’t resist them anyway.

Do I need a reservation?

It is highly recommended to make a reservation in advance. Due to limited seating capacity, it is very important that you book a time slot before you visit us to guarantee a space that doesn't stress our cats out and gives you enough room to enjoy this experience! Trust us, we know how frustrating it will be if you pass by and end up watching the cats from the outside.

Can I bring my cat?

While we're certain your cat is PAWesome, we ask you to leave it at home. All of our cats are vaccinated and are socialized to the environment for the comfort of both the kitties and our guests.

Are children allowed? 

Of course they are, as long as they are 3+ year old. Note that it is vital that kids between the age of 3 and 12 are accompanied and supervised by an adult. Our cats do have a friendly nature, but one pull of a tail and things will not be fluffy anymore.

Can I pick the cats up? 

Just like us hoomans, cats have different personalities and preferences. Some cats LOVE to be picked up, some like to be gently stroked, and some like to be admired from a distance. If you are familiar with how to carry a cat, we advise you to consult a staff member before doing so to avoid unnecessary stress on our cats. This is to ensure the welfare of both our cats and scratch-free cat lovers.