Process of adopting a cat

Adopting a cat is a wonderful way to bring a furry friend into your home and family. Not only do cats make great companions, but adopting can also save a life and help reduce the number of homeless cats.

When you adopt a cat, you are giving them a second chance at a happy life. Many cats have been abandoned, lost, or surrendered by their previous owners. By providing a loving home, you can help them overcome their past and thrive in a new environment. We encourage you to consider adoption when looking for a new pet.

When choosing a cat to adopt, there are a few things to consider. First, think about your lifestyle and the type of cat that would be a good fit. Some cats are more active and playful, while others are more laid-back and affectionate. Consider any allergies or health conditions you or a family member may have.

Once you've found the right cat, the adoption process usually involves filling out an application, meeting the cat, and possibly a home visit. Adoption fees vary but often include spay or neuter surgery, vaccinations, and other medical care.


Prospective adopters will be required to fill out an adoption application that includes their personal information, living situation, previous pet ownership experience, and their reasons for wanting to adopt a cat.


We will review the application to determine if the prospective adopter is a good fit for one of our cats. This may include checking references, conducting background checks, and conducting interviews.

Adoption Contract

Once a match has been made, the adopter will be required to sign an adoption contract that outlines their responsibilities and obligations as an adopter.

Adoption Fee

An adoption fee will be charged to cover the cost of care for the cat and a starter pack. The fee will vary depending on the cat's age and medical needs.  


Your cat adoption business may conduct follow-up visits or phone calls to ensure that the cat is adjusting well to their new home and that the adopter is meeting their obligations under the adoption contract.