All you need is cats and a cup of coffee

Entry Fees and Reservations

All passes are up to one hour​

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Standard Pass

AED 49/person

Suitable for all cat lovers who just want to have a stress-free time.

Entry fee only, no beverage included   

Cuddles Pass

AED 59/person

Perfect for lone wolves with a great taste. You get a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the company of our furry friends.

Including beverage from selected menu   

Fluffy Pass

AED 69/person

Perfect for cat lovers who love trying new things, like our Vibrissae Specials, Milkshakes, and Smoothies.

Including beverage from full menu   

Private Cuddles Pass

Starting at AED 1,000+

Our cat cafe is perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or a bachelorette party! We can fit the space with up to 15 people. Is this the purrfect special memory or what?

If you are interested in a private reservation, please fill out the form in the "Contact Us" page with your inquiry and a member of our team will get back to you.

Know More 

Entry Rules

To ensure a meow-some experience

Since opening our doors in 2021, we’ve dedicated our lives to making Cat Cafe Vibrissae an enjoyable experience for both our visitors and our kitties.

We love our cats like our own babies. They are living creatures with unique personalities, likes/dislikes, feelings, and they sleep an average of 14 hours a day.

Most importantly, they are not toys. 


In order to ensure a pleasant experience, we kindly ask you to follow the rules to avoid being constantly reminded to do so.

Age Restrictions
Minimum age: 3 years old
Ages between 3 to 12 must be supervised by an adult
No outside cats
To ensure the safety of our and your cats, pets or outside cats are strictly not allowed in the cat area.
Personal Liability
We are not liable for any injury. You are personally liable if you have any allergies.

Sanitize your hands

Sanitize your hands before and after the experience.

Be gentle

Most cats prefer to be gently pet on the head. If you do not have experience with cats, ask one of our staff for assistance on how to pet cats correctly.


Be creative... cats can be cute AND funny! Let's not hurt the kitties' eyes by refraining from using flash.

Don't carry the cats

Most cats do not like to be carried. Sit back and relax. This is the best strategy to invite a cat to your lap.

Don't run or scream

Cats do not like sudden movements and loud sounds. If you run, you will most probably hurt yourself and one of our cats. 

Don't feed the cats

Our cats follow a very specific diet. Anything other than what they are used to can upset their tiny stomachs and cause sickness.

Don't wake the cats up

Cats sleep an average of 14 hours a day, and they are most active at dawn and dusk.

About Cat Cafe Vibrissae  

Are you sick and tired of going to the same coffee shop week after week? At least we are! In Cat Cafe Vibrissae, you can spend quality time with our cats while drinking your favorite beverage. You can consider this experience the cutest form of therapy. The café started as a passion project by experienced cat lovers who aim to provide a permanent home for those furry friends and encourage people to have more compassion towards cats.

We care for our animals and we are set on making their time with us a loving, stress-free and joyous experience. Whether it’s your first time visiting us or your hundredth, come wag your stress out by spending time with our cats -  We’re paw-sitive you won’t want to leave our furry family.

Cat cate vibrissae Klaus